Friday, 28 September 2012

A Shining Example

It was yesterday, at about 8:00 pm, i was coming back from work with a senior colleague who i look up to as a father, considering the fact that he is old enough to be my dad.
we had gotten close to the house already but unfortunately, we were held up by traffic. while he was trying to make his way through the traffic, another vehicle coming from behind hit us by the side. when we got out of the car to ascertain the level of damage done, the driver of the vehicle that hit our car, said he didn't hit us, that the reverse was the case, that instead we were at fault. i paused for a while and pondered about how crazy people could be.
immediately i heard the sound, i had already concluded that that person must pay for whatever damage that might have been caused by the impact, but the driver of the car is a jehovah witness. by that i mean, he is a devoute christian.
we stayed there for close to 30 minutes, before an elderly man pleaded with the driver of the car i was in to just let go, which he gladly did.
the essence if this experience is to point out to every one that, no matter how corrupt the system is, we still have good people.

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